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Laser printer ( trouble-shooting )

We are not a laser printer repair service and only offer some solutions to some sublimation printing problems in the hope that you will find a simple solution and won't have to drag out your owner's manual.

If you are a sublimation cartridge customer and still need assistance after trying our solutions, call us and we will try to help you. If you are not a sublimation toner cartridge user, please consult your owner's manual or call your dealer.

Printer Problem: Just installed a new cartridge and machine still says "Toner Low".
Diagnosis: Remove the cartridge, gently rock left to right, reinstall. Toner may have compacted during shipment.


Printer Problem: My newly installed cartridge won't print at all.
Diagnosis: Is tab pulled?


Printer Problem: I am getting blank, or very light, areas on my printed pages.
Diagnosis: Cartridge may be out of toner. Insert another one to check.


Printer Problem: Multiple lines on edge of paper or thin consistent lines anywhere else.
Diagnosis: Drum in cartridge possibly defective. Switch cartridges to test.


Printer Problem: Three equally spaced (from each other) black spots on every printed page.
Diagnosis: The drum is damaged. It will need to be replaced.


Printer Problem: Multiple random spots (not specks) on every printed page.
Diagnosis: Catcher blade in cartridge has been damaged.


Printer Problem: Toner is "smeared" all over the printed page.
Diagnosis: For whatever reason, the cartridge wiper blade is not doing its job. Replace cartridge.


Printer Problem: There is a white line, up and down the page, where the cartridge is not printing.
Diagnosis: A piece of abrasive trash may have been pulled up into the cartridge. Take the cartridge out and turn it upside (keep it away from sunlight). Push the spring loaded piece over the drum, back, and look at the drum. If it looks like a white line running all the way around the drum, it is scratched and will have to be replaced.


Printer Problem: All of a sudden there is a big blank space, on the page, that isn't printing.
Diagnosis: Follow the same procedure as above. Also look at the drum through the small slit at the top of the drum. You are looking for a small piece of paper trash or even an adhesive label. Remove it. Be careful to not scratch the drum.


Printer Problem: A thin white space, running left to right across the page that hasn't printed.
Diagnosis: The drum has probably been damaged by light in that area. It will need replacement.


Printer Problem: When opening the bag on a new cartridge you notice toner all over the cartridge and maybe even loose in the bag.
Diagnosis: Stop! DO NOT put the cartridge in your printer. Put it back in the bag and call your supplier for a replacement. Something is not seated correctly in the cartridge and is allowing toner to fall out. It may have happened during shipping, but regardless of why, it won't self correct and will just make a big mess inside your printer.

In Conclusion: Some problems not listed won't even occur if you will remember that your laser printer is an electronic piece of equipment that needs to be protected and maintained and is not indestructible. Many folks never think about protecting their laser printer from heat, dust and humidity, or of even occasionally gently cleaning the inside (without taking it apart). In this case, an ounce of attentiveness is worth a pound of headaches.

Some printer specific problems With over 500 different laser printer types still in use, it is impossible for us to even begin to list all the possible problems and solutions. Our short list is just for a hopefully quick answer.


EP-4/5 (EX) Cartridge


Printer Problem: Spots and smudges of toner dropping down the center of the page
Diagnosis: Defective toner bin. Change cartridge as it will get worse.


Printer Problem: Double imaging (a ghost print appears) or page is "trashy" with specks.
Diagnosis: Two possibilities. The moisture content of the paper could be too high. Store paper in a temperature controlled area. The transfer roller could be going bad. This is the spongy feeling roller in your printer, that will be right under the cartridge head when you put it in your printer. You can replace the roller yourself, for under $20.00. Note - You can have this problem when trying to print sublimation transfers, but sometimes not see it (yet), when using a regular toner cartridge. Sublimation toner is coarser and goes on the drum much heavier than regular toner.



Printer Problem: Lines down the page, lines kind of wavy and/or "trashy" looking page.
Diagnosis: The corona wire in the cartridge may need cleaning, although the one in the printer is usually at fault. Your owner's manual will explain the proper procedure. Short version- The corona wire can be reached through the top front slot of the cartridge. Use a Q-Tip and the touch of a butterfly. Note - Because there are still so many of these old (but reliable) printers still around, it is worth noting that the HP-II & III and HP-IID & IIID all use the EP-S (EX) cartridge.



Printer Problem: Solid black paper or multiple black lines, horizontally across the page.
Diagnosis: PCR (charge roller) is loose or defective in cartridge.


Printer Problem: Double imaging (a ghost print appears).
Diagnosis: Three possibilities - PCR is defective. Transfer roller needs replacing. The fuser needs replacing.

Ending Thoughts

Laser printer troubleshooting information that only offers a few general solutions to what can be hundreds of different problems cannot be considered complete or conclusive, nor is ours. Really technical difficulties must be solved, by laser printer repair center.

Please remember this web site is intended to assist professionals engaged in sublimation laser printing.
Do not call for assistance if that is not what you do.







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